About Claudia

Founder of Cornerstone Organizing

My true calling is to help busy people that need more organization in their lives or can’t find the time or energy to maximize their personal productivity. With a servant’s heart, I provide training or personalized helpful solutions to others so that they can increase their capacity to get high priority projects and responsibilities done and have more time to do things they love.

I also help people who can’t keep up with the day to day chores around their home that can’t find the time or energy to maintain the demands of basic house cleaning.  With a passion for cleanliness, I provide excellent quality cleaning services to others so they can enjoy a clean and stress free home.

With prior experience in corporate management for over 20 years I am now focused on my true calling to serve individuals and families in a caring and supportive way. I thrive on challenges that require order, structure and focused intensity.  I am highly project oriented, goal focused, fast paced, and an intuitive problem solver.  As a dedicated wife and mother of four young adult children, I definitely understand how busy our lives can be with our responsibilities, family care, household chores, activities, to do lists, planning, etc, etc. etc.

Sometimes you just need a little help and support so you can handle the more important details in your life. So stop searching….what you need is me along side of you, your very own Professional Organizer / Personal Assistant.